The CULCUOGLU family has always believed in the merits of education and the vital role which it plays in the development of individuals, society and countries. So, the family decided to invest in educational institutions and a high school, a secondary school and a nursery school were built in Birecik, Sanliurfa, the family’s home town in the south-eastern region of Turkey and they were all donated to the nation.

The family realised that a considerable number of students in this area of Turkey, who completed their high school education, were unable to take up places at university due to the poor financial circumstancs of their families. To address this situation the CULCUOGLU family established an Education Foundation (CULCUOGLU EGITIM VAKFI) in order to support some of these students who qualified for university but who may not have been able to enrol for courses.

The aims of the foundation established in 2012 are as outlined in the charter:

" help to support successful students, Turkish citizens, who have finished their education at Mehmet Adil CULCUOGLU High School or who are already at university (after completing their education at the afore named High School) and who are in need of financial assistance in order to complete their university studies."

The foundation has planned to sponsor a number of students in each academic year since June 2012. The number of students is determined at the founders’ meeting each year. If the students continue to comply with the grant regulations, then their grants will continue until the completion of their undergraduate courses when they will be awarded their degrees.

The grants are awarded to students without obligation and are non-returnable. Positive discrimination is applied to female students, if they have equal eligibility to their male counterparts.

We, the CULCUOGLU family, hope that the VAKIF will thrive and continue to contribute to the education of many students, benefiting their families, the wider communities in which we live, and eventually our country.

Vakıf Founders

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